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A talking therapy is one of the routes available to you when you’re looking for positive change/improvement in your life; to help you deal with problems - in your relationship, at work, at home.

Everyone has the right to good mental health.  Weekly, focussed conversation between you and your therapist provides you with the opportunity to foster this and the change you're looking for in your life.

Confidential, regular sessions in the City of London, at a time to suit you, covering a range of topics to uncover what is happening for you and why (depression? anxiety? panic attacks? low self-esteem?) and then working on what  could improve things, empower you in change. 

Talking therapy is a focussed weekly conversation between you and your therapist working towards understanding and resolution of the difficulties and issues which are troubling you.

I offer two modes of therapy and part of an initial conversation, along with finding out more about you, is to agree between us which mode would best suit you.


Psychotherapy:  Is a reflective conversation, to support you in discovering, exploring and expressing the aspects of yourself influencing your life in ways that otherwise may not be obvious or taken into consideration.  This is not a fast process, nor is it an easy undertaking.  It is a long-term investment in yourself which allows time for a deep and wide-ranging exploration of the multiple aspects which make up you.

CBT:  Is designed to help with a current issue using specific tools and requiring action between sessions.  We look at your thinking to understand how this affects your emotions and behaviours.   A course of CBT usually lasts between eight and twelve depending what issue we are working with. 


If you choose a talking therapy, you will be discussing personal, sometimes intimate, issues and concerns, it is important therefore that you feel confident that your therapist is the right one for you.

At Therapy Working For You the first step is a free 20-30 minute telephone call followed by an initial consultation of up to an hour in person or on Skype. 

The initial consultation is charged for but should you go ahead with therapy the first session is free.


About Jane Sinkins

A qualified and accredited psychotherapist and counsellor (with UKCP and FPC) I have ten years’ experience working as a therapist and qualified with the well-respected WPF organisation and hold postgraduate diplomas in Psychodynamic Theory & Practice from WPF Trainng and the University of Roehampton.  

My experience includes working with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, bereavement and loss, relationship difficulties, and many other concerns.  Difficulties arising from relationships, from work and in personal life have also formed part of my work. at home are part of our work together.  


Before retraining as a therapist, I worked for over twenty years in senior HR roles in a wide variety of organisations (both private and public sector) including roles in Finance, Media, Energy and Retail sectors as well as in the third-sector. 

Jane Sinkins

Therapy Working for YouLondon EC2M


I work with clients once a week - the same day at the same time for sessions of 50 minutes. There is a sliding scale of charges between £70 and £90 for a session – depending on time and day.


Location and availability

Therapy Working for You is based in London EC2M near both Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, within walking distance of , Bishopsgate, Bank and Shoreditch Day and evening appointments.

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