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How therapy helps you

Therapy is a process which helps people with their mental health, such as depression or anxiety. These can be called "psychological" issues.  

People come into therapy with a range of problems and, as humans, we have all sorts of problems from time to time and at these times we can need support, extra input from someone else. 

When that someone else is a therapist they won’t have a vested interest in you thinking one way or the other about things, their way but will be a neutral confidante who is on your side supporting you in understanding and, if you wish, change. 

While it is common to feel down, blue, worried - occasionally these feelings escalate.  When our emotions, our behaviours cause us a disproportionate amount of trouble,  (maybe when they go on and on, when we repeatedly act to hurt ourselves, think in a rut which is difficult to get out of) that’s the time to think about therapy and get its benefits into your life. 

It can help to overcome specific problems, such as an eating disorder or a phobia; it can create new ways of looking at difficult problems, and help you move towards change, solutions.  You can gain better understanding of yourself, goals, values, and can develop skills for improving relationships.

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