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Some Common Terms

Depression – can have you feeling like you are seeing the truth, the awful truth, depression is pernicious and undermining.  It can be a feeling of profound sadness, loss but is often detached from what has been lost so develops a life of its own leaving you distressed.  One of our goals is to uncover what was lost, to experience the grief of that loss so that you can reclaim your life.


Anxiety – the feelings of fear, stress, worry, tension, panic make up anxiety and are felt by each of us from time to time.  But when any of these affect you disproportionately - in content or length of time; have you immobilised about the future, what it holds; questioning whether you will cope with what is on the horizon; obsess over what disasters will come your way, then therapy can help.


Low self-esteem – self-esteem is to have confidence in one’s own abilities and self-worth.  This is not arrogance, but a realistic, balanced view. Low self-esteem is the unbalancing of this realism such that our view of ourselves becomes negative, highly critical, self-destructive and affects detrimentally our life.

What if the therapy doesn't feel right? If you don't feel that you're benefiting from therapy, if you can, talk to your therapist about it, and take it from there.  Being in therapy is always your choice.  

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