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What happens in therapy?

You and your therapist generally meet weekly.  The sessions last for 50-minutes and take place at the same time and on the same day.   This structure is designed to support you.   

The focus of the conversation is to learn about and understand you.  We gain awareness of what’s going on and then, since today's problems are often rooted in our early years - the habits and learning we absorbed then - we talk about how your these come into play now and what can be done.

Each session develops along its own pathway.  For example, some sessions flow around big moments or issues, other sessions the seemingly mundane. 

You and your therapist may investigate something once or return to it many times, as other aspects of the one thing come to light suggesting a wider impact. The more we explore how something is and how it links the past to the present the more we can consider its impact as well as what the future may hold if we make no changes. 


Wherever you start and then take the session it is part of the therapist’s role to listen very carefully to what you're saying and uncover with you the deeper meaning and connections to other areas in your life beyond that of the current situation and the impact of these on you. We treat awareness as the first step on the pathway of change.     

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