Each session develops along its own pathway.  For example, some sessions flow around big moments or issues, other sessions the seemingly mundane.  Wherever you as the individual start and then take the session it is part of the therapist’s role to listen very carefully to what is being said and help discover with you deeper meaning and connections to other areas in your life beyond that of the current conversation and the impact of these on you. Understanding these let’s us consider their impact now and think about how to get beyond these and initiate change.  

The conversations between you and your therapist are confidential except in rare circumstances – where there is an immediate threat to safety (yours or someone else’s) or the law requires disclosure - in which case the therapist will take the action needed.

While it is a simple thing - a conversation between two individuals - this is difficult and challenging work.  The trust needed takes time and is built up through attending the weekly sessions. 

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