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The conversations between you and your therapist are confidential except in rare circumstances – where there is an immediate threat to safety (yours or someone else’s) or the law requires disclosure - in which case the therapist will take the action needed.

While it is a simple thing - a conversation between two individuals - this is difficult and challenging work.  The trust needed takes time and is built up through attending the weekly sessions. 

Trust is important -  that you feel the sessions are confidential and that you are understood allows you to be open and honest with the therapist, including on those occasions where you may feel ashamed or embarrassed about how you feel, things you have done.  The relationship between you and your therapist, often called the therapeutic alliance, which develops over the sessions allows the conversations to happen naturally. 

You may feel intense emotions and will learn how you can safely express the energy attached to these.  At other times, the intensity of the emotions is exhausting and we will see what steps you could take to ensure self-care. 

You may experience unwelcome emotions so it can be good to remember that you are, that we all are, a work in progress, not set in stone, not irredeemably stuck. 

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