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What is CBT?
What is Psychotherapy?

CBT - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


CBT helps you deal with things affecting you in day to day life.  It is based on the premise that your thoughts, feelings, behaviours and physiology are interconnected and that together these can trap you in cycles of unhelpful and negative behaviours.


You choose what's most important for you, eg, low self-esteem. CBT is not concerned with underlying patterns, history.  It is a well-structured therapy and you will need to do work between sessions.  These can be written exercises, thinking exercises, and as well as practical ones – agreed by you in conjunction with your therapist. 

CBT’s effectiveness comes from the work done between sessions so be prepared for this, it can be time-consuming.  Sessions are weekly but may move to fortnightly as the work develops.  

A course of CBT usually lasts six to eight weeks. 

Psychodynamic therapy

Is a reflective conversation, increasing self-awareness and understanding – by discovering, exploring and expressing aspects of yourself which are influencing your life in ways that may not be obvious or taken into consideration. 

Focussing on potential causes of behaviour, for instance, patterns and habits stemming from your upbringing and early learning which continue to resonate in the present-day 

This is not a fast process, nor is it an easy undertaking.  It is a long-term investment in yourself that allows for a deep and wide-ranging of the many aspects which make up you to long-lasting effect.

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