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Group Therapy 

Like one to one therapy, group therapy sessions have no fixed agenda but allow participants to relate to others within the group and to learn how their actions mirror what happens for them when in the external world, particularly in relationship with others day to day.

It is a long term approach and requires a time commitment of, say, a year maybe two, from you.

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy  

This is an intensive therapy where you would meet with your therapist two or three times a week.  It is therefore an intensive experience if you wish for an in-depth exploration of self and have both the time and finances to accommodate this.  

Short-term counselling  

This is therapy where you and the therapist work on a particular problem for the agreed period – approximately twelve sessions.  Each week you explore the problem in-depth, to bring about change and understanding, in focussed delineated work. 

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